List of Deliverables

Work Package 1: Specifications & Ontology

D1.1 Specifications for OE materials, devices, and processes
D1.2 Specifications for database access by other internal tools and 3rd party tools
D1.3 Specifications of the material modelling tools
D1.4 Specifications for workflow editor verification and Python scripts exportation
D1.5 Ontologies for OE materials, devices, and processes
D1.6 Specifications for 3rd party HPC utilization
D1.7 Ontological data formats for exchange and storage

Work Package 2: Development of multiscale Modelling tools

D2.1 Modelling forward mappings to MD, CGMD, MC and PFM
D2.2 Modelling of optimized OLAE devices
D2.3 Report on modelling charge transport in molecular ensembles.pdf
D2.4 Continuum modelling of gas flow transport by fluid dynamics
D2.5 Report on mesoscale structure evolution
D2.6 Report on modelling hybrid perovskite materials
D2.7 Continuum modelling of solution processing by continuum mechanics
D2.8 Report on seamless coupled devices/module simulations
D2.9 Final report on modelling forward and backward mappings
D2.10 Modelling protocols & documentation

Work Package 3: Model validation by analytical characterization

D3.1 Fabrication of OLAE test materials and devices
D3.2 Fabrication of OLAE devices in pilot lines
D3.3 Model validation by characterization of OLAE & PPV devices (1 of 2)
D3.4 Fabrication and characterization of PPV devices and model assessment
D3.5 Model validation by optical and structural characterization of OLAE materials
D3.6 Model validation by characterization of OLAE & PPV devices (2 of 2)
D3.7 Report on the population and completeness of databases

Work Package 4: Development of Open Innovation Modelling Platform

D4.1 MuPIF alpha release
D4.2 Initial DMS with metadata/schema definition and on-line accessibility
D4.3 Report on graphical (BPMN compliant) workflow editor
D4.4 HPC integration and remote execution
D4.5 Access and version control to the DMS
D4.6 Report on visualization and device evaluation tools integrated on the interface
D4.7 MuPIF final release with APIs for DMS integration and models plugins
D4.8 Final populated and functioning DMS with plugins and APIs to 3rd parties
D4.9 Validation report on workflow editor by modelling and industrial partners

Work Package 5: Cooperation with EU stakeholders for population of the workflows

D5.1 Report on the developed OLAE semantics and ontology
D5.2 Cooperation with other EC Projects, Clusters, Networks (updated every 12 months)
D5.3 Connection with 3rd party HPCs and customer offer
D5.4 Plug-ins of the OIPMM to Marketplaces and other platforms
D5.5 Connection with Industrial Associations to promote industrial uptake

Work Package 6: User cases

D6.1 Lab and large scale OLAE devices with doped organic semiconductors by printing
D6.2 Lab and large scale OPV devices with ternary photoactive nanolayers
D6.3 Report on dopants in OE material mobility (modelling and validation)
D6.4 Validation of modelling gas phase processing in OE materials
D6.5 Report on ternaries in OE material mobility (modelling and validation)
D6.6 Templated modelling user case workflows on dopants in OE materials
D6.7 Validation of modelling wet phase processing in OE materials
D6.8 Templated modelling user case workflows on ternary OE materials
D6.9 Improved OVPD process for OLED devices based on the validated models
D6.10 Templated modelling user case workflows on gas phase processing in OE materials
D6.11 Templated modelling user case workflows on wet phase processing
D6.12 In-depth model gap analysis for process modelling in OLAE

Work Package 7: Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation activities

D7.1 Presentation, logo and website
D7.2 Intermediate Report on Dissemination and Communication
D7.3 Initial Report on IPR management
D7.4 Initial report on the Training Activities
D7.5 Business Plan for market uptake of project innovations (updated in M48 at Report)
D7.6 Final Report on IPR management
D7.7 Final Report on Dissemination and Communication
D7.8 Final Report on the Training Activities

Work Package 8: Project Management & Administration

D8.1 QA and Risk Management Plan
D8.2 Short Activity Summary (M12)
D8.3 Short Activity Summary (M24)
D8.4 Short Activity Summary (M30)
D8.5 Short Activity Summary (M42)
D8.6 Data management plan (M12)
D8.7 Data management plan – M36 updated version (M36)

Work Package 9: Ethics requirements

D9.1 EPQ - Requirement No. 1