5. Czech Technical University in Prague

Description and main tasks

The Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague is one of the largest schools providing civil engineering education worldwide. Over the years, graduates from the school have created engineering works that have laid grounds for the school's famous historical tradition. Keeping with the tradition of excellence, today's graduates exhibit a high quality of engineering craftsmanship and skills. The academic community comprises approximately 5500 students and 400 teaching and research staff. The Department of Mechanics is active in teaching and research of concrete and composite materials, as well as numerical methods in mechanics. This development ranges from micro-scale material models to macro scale models involving complex multi-physics phenomena at different scales. The experimental facilities complement the numerical simulations and provide valuable validation and verification data. The department is actively developing and maintaining several open-source simulation tools that have been accepted by research community worldwide.

Expertise related to the project

Multi-physics modelling in mechanics, particularly adaptive techniques, high-performance computing, development of open integration platform MuPIF, software development.