7. TinniT Technologies GmbH

Description and main tasks

The SME TinniT has been founded by research assistants from the Battelle Institute located in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Since that time the company has been located in Karlsruhe (Germany) and employs five engineers and scientists. The core areas TinniT is involved in are prototyping, development, technical calculations (numerics) and technical software solutions. TinniT is working in the area of environmental technologies, process engineering, plant construction and safety technologies. TinniT has its focus on the simulation of heat and mass transfer through cellular material together with phase-change-materials or biological materials with specific properties. Besides that TinniT develops new multiscale materials using 3D-printing and coating of printed materials with specific micro-porous materials.

Expertise related to the project

TinniT has developed a film model which is integrated into TinFlow. TinFlow is a fully parallelized CFD-Solver (MPI) using the domain decomposition method. It is capable to solve connective gas flows along a liquid film with integrated heat and mass transfer to get the development of film thickness (film model). TinFlow-poro is an addon model which addresses flows and heat transfer in porous media. TinniT is experienced in the simulation of bonding processes which occur mostly in very small gaps with non-Newtonian viscosity laws and wetting issues at the walls (temperature driven) which is at least a similar approach compared to the flow and heat transfer approach in slot-die applications but not as complex as addressed within MUSICODE.