Description and main tasks

Organic Electronic Technologies (OET) is a high-tech SME founded in 2012 and is located at Thessaloniki.

• Brings more than 30 years of experience in Thin Film Technologies and 18 years in OEs.

• Highly expert in R2R Manufacturing of printed, OPVs, OLEDs, Bio/Sensors and Antennas RFID / NFC.

• World leader in R2R Manufacturing Processes & Technologies for Printed OEs

•   In-line & real time Metrology and Quality Control of OEs Processing & Manufacturing
•   In-line Laser Patterning at low Temperature for Complex Free Form Designs
•   In line Laser Processes for Power Module Enhancement 
•   In-line R2R printing systems design and development

• Automated Quality Control Platforms for implementing real-time decision-making processes in R2R industry (design and development)

• Automated printing 4-axis systems with monitoring control (design and development)

• Expert in Design and Building OEs Smart Factories of the Future

• Participated in 9 EU and National projects and has a strong R&D and innovation profile

Main tasks in the project • Nano-manufacturing of printed OE devices (OPVs, OLEDs) • Real time characterization & Process Optimization on Industrial scale • Assessment of improvement of manufacturing process in terms of time and resources • OPV & OLED demonstrators & prototype validation, Market replication

Expertise related to the project

OET holds a long term experience in R2R Manufacturing Processes & Technologies and has unique infrastructures of R2R manufacturing of Printed Organic Photovoltaics and other OE devices in large-scale. These infrastructures include Pilot-to-Production R2R line, in-line and real-time metrology and quality control tools of OEs processing and manufacturing, in-line laser patterning system as well as encapsulation equipment for production of flexible OE devices. OET also has characterization equipment for performance and life-time testing of printed organic photovoltaics and OLED devices in standard testing conditions.